First Free Will Baptist Church of Pearl ---- Pastor: Greg Rucker

Greetings from the First Free Will Baptist Church!

Since 1974, it has been our goal to build, not only a great church, but a true family of believers.  It is a joy for us to be able to share our family with you.  We're an old fashioned church with a desire to love one another, stand firm in faith, sound in doctrine, and strive daily to be more like Jesus Christ.

We live in a society filled with moral decay.  For that reason, we are doing our best to try to build strong families and equip them to carry a message of hope to our community, our city, our state, and across the world.

Our prayer for you is that you would seek God's heart and allow Him to lead you into a growing relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Feel free to call on us at anytime.  We are here to serve you and to do our part to build the Kingdom of God.


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